Our Record

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At Vorys, we have been defending False Claims Act cases for more than two decades.  Although each case is different, and must be handled on its own merits, more than 90% of our prior cases have resulted in victory for our clients at trial; dismissal of FCA claims without discovery; or summary judgment.

Our Record Pie Chart

We have defeated claims charging fraud on Medicare and Medicaid, on major defense aircraft projects, on the NASA Space Shuttle program, on Department of Energy environmental cleanup sites, and many more.  All told, these claims have sought more than $30 billion from our clients without any recovery.  And we have made sure that these victories stood up on appeal.  We even changed the False Claims Act itself through our landmark United States Supreme Court victory in Allison Engine Co., et al. v. U.S. ex rel. Sanders, 553 U.S. 662, 128 S. Ct. 2123 (2008).

This record of success has earned us national recognition.  We are known and respected by our adversaries in the Department of Justice and the relators’ bar, and we have been selected by Law 360 as one of the top False Claims Act and government contracts practice groups in the country.