Whistleblower Defense Sidebar

The federal government spends money in a plethora of ways.  In 2008, Congress amended  the False Claims Act to apply to all individuals and companies receiving money or property that is to be spent or used on the government’s behalf or to advance a government program or interest.  Companies that receive educational, housing, public works or other forms of funding from the federal government are subject to the False Claims Act.  Even companies that receive government funds indirectly – such as serving as a contractor for other companies that contract directly with the government – can also be subject to the law. 

Vorys has experience defending False Claims Act cases arising out of contracts with the Army Corps of Engineers, NASA and the General Services Administration.  In addition, Vorys has extensive experience in assisting companies in developing a compliance program designed to protect against fraud and abuse charges.  For more information on when to contact Vorys and the ways we can assist your company, please see “How We Can Help.”