Financial Services

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One of the fastest growing areas of the False Claims Act is in the financial services field.  The injection of a large amount of government money into the financial sector through the federal bailout programs known as the “Troubled Asset Recovery Program” (TARP) and the “Capital Purchase Program” (CPP) has made many large banks and financial institutions subject to the False Claims Act.  In addition, there has been increasing scrutiny in recent years of traditional government programs like Federal Housing Administration-backed mortgages and municipal bonds.

In addition to its False Claims Act team, Vorys has extensive experience in Federal Housing Administration-insured financings and affordable housing transactions as well as counseling large banks in all facets of their operations. This experience makes Vorys particularly suited to assist financial institutions in proactive False Claims Act compliance as well as False Claims Act investigations and litigation.  For more information on when to contact Vorys and the ways we can assist your company, please see “How We Can Help.”